This blog is about retirement and finding stuff that’s fun, even a little frivolous and outsidethesquare.

It will range widely from entertainment one day (like setting up a home cinema) to sporting (ever been to a Grand Slam event?) or food challenges (High Tea anyone?) and lots more.

One surprising activity that arose from having more time in after-work life was the opportunity to write a novel—called Secrets of the IN-group—with my sister. (More details about this at blog entry  #76 Write a Novel)


My goal is to find 101 of these Fun and Frivolous activities and if they work – well, I’ll just move on to the next 101.

Mostly, it’s about finding and doing things I didn’t normally have the time to do during my responsible working life.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Megan E Gutsell

    I’ve been trying to collect the public Art in Albury /Wodonga too haha, to my frustration. I don’t suppose you’ve come across the rabbit mural anywhere?


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