#33 Welcome back Spring!

Has anyone else felt that Australia’s been in the grip of a rather miserable winter for two long years? A Narnia-esque feeling that we’ve been under the control of someone or something wanting to keep us cold and afraid?

Until suddenly, on the evening of September 14th, it all changed and the country sprang to life again. So it’s time to celebrate and…

#33 Welcome back Spring!

Hallelujah! No more doom and gloom.
Ring the bells…

Bells and chickens

 …because there’s a snowflake‘s chance in hell of continuing to scare us now .

And give Tough Border Protection a new meaning as you work out the best way to stop those sneaky chickens from making it over the border and into the spinach bed…

Spinach barrier

Worried about bombs in Syria?  Put your mind at rest in the knowledge that you can have rockets in the kitchen instead.


And rather than fretting about ‘Death Cults’, watch the streets come alive with blossoms:

Vicotira street blossoms

If you’re tired of meaningless three-word slogans, create your own, better ones.

Like Magnolias in Bloom… 


or how about Asparagus for Lunch?

Asparagus bedFinding these in the garden each morning is equivalent to an Easter egg hunt –  for grown-ups

We all know that climate change isn’t crap, that the Bureau of Meteorology didn’t fudge their temperature readings, that another hot, dry Summer’s just around the corner.
And we realise that we’ll forget these heady, exciting days of Spring soon enough, but isn’t it great that even for a few, brief weeks, colour has returned to our lives with a vengeance?

Red camelia

So thank you Aslan …or Malcolm …or whichever lion-hearted creature brought this about.


6 thoughts on “#33 Welcome back Spring!

  1. Katherine Muirhead

    What a wonderful bling (Spring Blog) and VERY clever. Do you have Big Ears’ email contact? .. so you can send it to him as a ‘Nar,nar,na nar, nar’….although, I suppose if you did he would simply retort “I TOLD everybody that global warming was crap – so nar nar to you….”
    love the photos and especially congratulate the comments – hear, hear. A friend of my PILs (parents in law) has just been buried and the collection at the service was for ‘Campaign Against Arms Trade’ which our informant suggested should go international ‘rapido’. X

    1. outsidethesquare101 Post author

      Thanks for your kind comments, Katherine, It seems like the country has returned to life again and the comparison with Narnia was too good to pass up! That, and the opportunity to photograph all the lovely Spring growth around home. OTS101 xx Sent from my iPad


  2. Loretta

    Hi everyone
    Here in beautiful downtown Sydney we’re dancing in the streets at the sight and sound of a Spring that’s not over heated, after the Big Chill of the past couple of years.
    Love your blog!

    1. outsidethesquare101 Post author

      Hi Loretta, Glad to hear that Spring has returned to all parts of the country – barring, perhaps certain pockets over in the far right. I’m told by people who remember that the feeling is not dissimilar to the ascension of PM Gough Whitlam way back in the early 70s! Enjoy the moment and we hope it continues. OTS101xx Sent from my iPad



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