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#3 Cook a New Recipe Weekly

With friends arriving every other weekend for a screen viewing at my #2 Create a Home Cinema, the issue of feeding them has arisen. Which brings me to:

#3 Cook a New Recipe Weekly.

Now the logistics of preparing food while you’re simultaneously watching a movie created its own dilemma, until I discovered slow cookers and Sally Wise’s cook book, replete with superb slow cooker recipes. A marriage made in heaven.

I’m trying the Mediterranean Chicken for next week’s screening…

In the meantime, while internet shopping is all well and good (– no, it’s terrific actually -)  sometimes, when you don’t know what you don’t know, a spot of real-life retail therapy can work wonders. Wandering through Target the other day, I came upon a line of cushions that look just like regular cushions, but once unzipped, magically fold out into a blanket to snuggle into as you watch a movie.  They’ve proved to be a big hit with my friends, so here’s a photo.


Is it a cushion?

Or is it a quilt?   

No, it’s a quillow!

Clever, space saving and functional. Love them!