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#5 Improve Blogging Skills

I couldn’t believe my luck. A few weeks after creating this blog and wondering what on earth I was doing, along comes the best workshop ever: How to Write a Killer Blog (and build a loving on-line following) run by Suzi Taylor from ABC Open. So here was my next activity.

#5 Improve my Blogging Skills

It was part of the local Writer’s Festival and was exactly what I needed. A small group of very enthusiastic people at various stages of their blogging careers all providing generous input. It was hugely inspiring.

If you want a killer blog, it helps – not surprisingly – to have a clear idea of why you’re doing it. One of the most helpful messages Suzi gave us was that:

 “The main thing with blogging is that it’s FUN! It shouldn’t be a chore.

So define what ‘success’ means to you, as a blogger, and aim for that.”

This got me thinking and I realised that I wasn’t really looking to build a huge blogging community with lots of followers. Recent research has led me to acknowledge that I’m an introvert.

The thought of linking to my Facebook page (that would be my non-existent Facebook page) and my Twitter account (ditto) so I can exhort people to read my blog is about as appealing as going alone to a very noisy late-night party full of strangers.

So now I know: I just want to blog for the fun of blogging. Doesn’t really matter if no-one reads it.


That takes a lot of pressure off me.

I wonder what the record is for the longest time anyone’s had a blog with no followers?